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We are offering plenty of new property residential and commercial.   We have Villas stand alone and villas in the compound , Apartments different rage of prices from small to big Penthouses, Full Buildings and Hotels fully operational or under construction , Lands, Labor Camps, Offices and Commercial Spaces for any needs. We are offering it for rent and for sale . Also we are providing investment consultancy to increase your profit.


We are consisted of several agents who are providing different services to our customers. Each is highly professional and known in the market of UAE, well knowing his responsibilities and work field. We speak : English , Arabic, Russian , Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Serbian,Filipino, Urdu.

Our agents are goal oriented and easily solve your needs. They are active in the market and well know their jobs. They will find a creative solution for your company and help you to achieve the best results


We are offering our services as a management of compounds or buildings, for private owners and companies , lease renewals, legal advices, maintenance inside and outside the area, payments collection, price estimation . We will follow up with renewals and collection, maintenance requests.


We providing full service to your  new coming employees . We make it easy for them from A to Z. Our professionals will take care of big

and small things- Airport , accommodation, schools interviews, nurseries, shopping or shipping furniture ,

Arranging the house and bringing housekeepers and etc

We take them on a daily tours with our staff to solve their needs and help them to move to Abu Dhabi with no stress . 


Investment consultancy one is our strongest side. We find you the easiest way to increase your profit, catch opportunities to invest in the best area and the safest units. Get the best benefits in you current investments . Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Jordan.

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